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Get involved...

Great Falls is our home. The people are our people. Reach out to those who may be in need in your neighborhood. There are countless ways to do this, but here are a few examples. Donate to Child Bridge, the Great Falls Rescue Mission, the Great Falls Food Bank, My Neighbor In Need, or one of the many not-for-profit organizations in our city and county. Pray for our city and county's first-responders. If you know a first-responder, ask them what they need. Pray for our military personnel. Pray for our city and county leadership. Ask your neighbors if they need anything. You might just make a friend. Let's open our hearts and be God's hands and feet.

Don't let this limit you: if you feel God calling you to pray and be involved on a national or international level, then follow what God is asking of you.


We are continually working to support missionaries and ministries locally and around the world.  Please help us by giving financially. 


We want people to grow in their faith every day. Many things seem to be taken away, but our faith in God will remain. He never changes and He is always with us.

Click on one of our past sermons or download the YouVersion Bible app. This app has many Bible reading plans and personal devotions.

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