Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

Matthew 28:19

We support missions in the city of Great Falls, the state of Montana, the United States, and around the world. 

Missionaries & Ministries We Support

Local Ministries

Echo Pregnancy Center
Foothills Community Christian School
Great Falls Rescue Mission
Set Free Ministries

United States Missions

Andrew & Ashleigh Dawson - FREE International
Rich & Kim Greenwald - Rural Churches
Lance & Miska Lanning - Youth Alive
Richard & Hope Stewart - Native American Ministries

Montana Ministries

Tim & Caroline Anderson - Bozeman Chi Alpha
Titus & Jackie Bergren - Butte Chi Alpha
Dylan & Laura Morss - Missoula Chi Alpha
Nick & Haley Petrusha - Helena Chi Alpha

World Missions

We support many incredible missionaries around the world. Because of the political nature of some countries, we do not list our world missionaries on our website.
Youth & Kids Missions:
Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge
Speed the Light

Join the mission

Be God's hands and feet through our current missions focus.

Great Falls is our home.  The people are our people.  Right now, reach out to those who may be in need in your neighborhood.  There are countless ways to do this. Donate to Child Bridge, the Great Falls Rescue Mission, the Great Falls Food Bank, My Neighbor In Need, or one of the many not-for-profit organizations in our city and county.  Pray for our city and county's first-responders.  If you know a first-responder, ask them what they need.  Pray for our military personnel.  Pray for our city and county leadership.  Ask your neighbors if they need anything.  You might just make a friend.  Let's open our hearts and be God's hands and feet.

Don't let this mission's focus limit you. If you feel God calling you to pray and be involved on a national or international level, then follow what God is asking of you.

Support our missionaries

If you'd like to pass on a word of encouragement or financial support to our missionaries, fill out the form below.